BLAW Design is a collection of Modern Crafted wooden doors created by a young passionate team of qualified designers. Who’s passion for contemporary and clean design lead to the conception of much needed within the industry, modern doors that catered for the more design conscious home owner.

We believe in designed, purposeful living that is defined by quality, luxury and simplicity. This ethos is applied to all our designs. 
Creating true modernism calls for "form follows function" and an honest use of materials, this is why we use only luxury hard woods in the creation of our wooden doors that are simplistic, 

Our doors are unique to the industry, as they embody a high quality of design, materials and service that exceeds all other manufactured doors. From design development and concept, to the use of CAD drawings and a hands on approach, right up to the use of exclusive and rare African woods, exceptional workmanship and foresight, We aim to constantly exceed your own expectations, developing our product further and keep what we do one step ahead of the industry.
We are proudly South African – through and through – with everything made and designed in South Africa.

We believe that by staying true to the heritage of this Country and using our Unique South African world view, We can promote South African design in the International market.

We manufacture a beach ply resilient core that insures better insulation, security and overall structure . In addition, we use high security locks, security keys, high grade stainless steel fittings, and 3D concealed and pivot hinges.

We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service, Our passion for design, detail and materials stretches across our workforce ensuring every door is fully scrutinised with detail as key. From the alignment of every component to the finer last details, everything is checked and double checked to ensure the highest quality. Although the machinery is used, our doors are finished and done by hand ensuring every surface meets our rigorous quality control.


Frank Lloyd Wright


We understand the needs of our consumer, The south african market and climate. These factors determine key design features in our doors. 

  • Our warm climate requires quality hard woods that can with stand the Hot african sun

  • A steel core door ensures that the door is resistant to break in attempts and warping from the climate. 

  • We include three or five lock, locking systems. This is again to ensure the safety of the door. We have done this because We know its important to have  the aethetics of our doors take center stage and not be detered by security gates.

We feature some beautiful African hard woods in the manufacture of our doors

  • Iroko
  • African Mahogany
  • Teak
  • Kiaat
  • Panga Panga

to name a few, these beautiful woods are the standard in luxury woods and offer a beautiful range of colours to suit any scheme. 

We believe that wood is a natural product that enhances any home front. Its beauty lies in is diversity and in the beautiful features of grain, colour and banding. If you have a particular colour in mind chat to our designers about your needs and we can source a wood to match your needs. 
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