Minimalist Door

This is a beautifully minimal door, combining stong lines with a smooth design. This door is very popular with contempory homes as it creates a statement without drawing attention away from designed architecture elements.

Modernist Door

As it name says this door is perfect for modern homes as its clean lines and sleek glass finish make this door a beautiful door for modern & contemporary home fronts. Our Modernist door is a piece of engineering genius and its no frame door and “floating handle will make your home front one for the magazines

Wright Door

One our most popular doors, the perfect combination of glass, steel & wood creating a modern and sleek entrance door. this door is perfect for almost any home front because its detailing and wood combinations can be customised to the look and feel of any home, the glass is also a nice touch for light to be brought into the home and creates a sliver of interest for those approaching the home front!

Corbusier Door

One our most popular doors, because its beauty lies in its simplicity. This door combines strong lines with different wood stains butted against steel to create a modern, bold and beautifully simple statement door for any home front. Because of its design this door can fit into any home from, from modern, to country to tuscan!

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