Apex Door

Considered to be a ultra contemporary option, the Apex design takes the horizontal slat door and creates interest in scale and cutting the height of the door with a heavy handle, This door plays on both vertical & horizontal planes and is perfect for any home scape

Rosslyn Door

This beautiful design is a firm favourite and is a door that suits every home front or style becuase of its classic feel. Its strong vertical lines promote a sense of height and length making an entrance feel higher. The plate can be customised on the door to suit and mirror details of your home making the door an extention of your home and design.


A unique and beautiful door that makes a big statement for any entrance. The look of heaviness with the panelled front and steel detail in the handel make this door quite masculine but can fit beautifully into any home front as the panel can be chosen to suit the facade. Anything from marble to concrete look, any engineered porcelain can be used

Croesus Door

A bulky and simple door design that is a great all rounder for any style of home. This solid wood door can be done in a variety of woods which dramatically changes it appearance and feel and the heavy almost full length handle is a definite feature giving the door grandeur and scale.

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BLAW Design

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