Modernist Door

As it name says this door is perfect for modern homes as its clean lines and sleek glass finish make this door a beautiful door for modern & contemporary home fronts. Our Modernist door is a piece of engineering genius and its no frame door and "floating handle will make your home front one for the magazines
  • Available as a double door
  • Side lights and various facade surround options available
  • Custom made pull handle & plate available in various colours or brushed effect
We hand-make every door per order, so we do custom sizes for customers but we do offer a standard for “off-shelf” buyers
Standard front door sizes:
1300w x 2400h mm (pivot or hinged)
Bespoke front door sizes:
Up to maximum 1800w x 6000h mm 
(yes it’s BIG) and we still trying to go bigger

BLAW Design offer a wide range of door finish options for all our doors


  • 7 standard natural hardwood choices & many more exotic hardwoods can be sourced
  • 4 steel  finishes  and any RAL paint colour 
  • Our doors are finished with high-quality oil preservatives before being installed


We offer a wide range of door locks & security options for all our doors
  • all doors come standard double-action security locks
  • offer high-security, multipoint locking systems 
  • offer additional front door security options, such as fingerprint entry  & digital SMART security locks
The exact pricing will be dependent on the final choices of door configuration, size, hardwood/finish & glass/accessory options. 

Natural Hard woods

The beauty of hardwood is that it is not only strong, warm to the touch and versatile, but changeable over time. Natural hardwoods add a natural and distinctive aesthetic to each and every door design and can be stained, painted or left in a “raw” state for different looks and feels.


Create uniqueness and variety in your door design with unique finishes and colour stains and enamels. These are just a few of our most popular options but there are many more to choose from.



These beautiful Italian crafted finishes can add a dramatic and bold finish to any door and we have even used them to create a full door finish, allowing concrete & stone look finish without the significant weight problems of real stone

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